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Zucchini and its benefits for the skin.

Mature zucchini has a lot of fiber. Many people therefore like to use loofah or loofah to exfoliate the skin while bathing. It is believed to have a positive effect on the skin. Helps remove dead skin cells or dirt that is clogged in the skin. Luffa is also

What are the benefits of miso?

Miso or Japanese soybean paste Used as an ingredient in many Japanese dishes. It is made from fermented soybeans, rice, or wheat with koji. Which is a leavening agent obtained from fermenting soybeans menu. Some research studies have found that Miso may be beneficial to the body in

Foods to lower cholesterol that are easy to find.

As already mentioned If you change your diet, it may help reduce bad cholesterol. It also has a positive effect on cardiovascular and cardiovascular health. Examples of foods that lower cholesterol include:  1. Avocado  Avocados are rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, or good fats, and dietary fiber. Research suggests

Start doing aerobic exercise.

Start aerobic exercise by choosing your favorite activity. Because it will be fun to exercise and can be done continuously in the long term and make exercise effective. If you don’t exercise often and just started aerobic exercise. You may start by exercising 5–10 minutes a day, 2–3 times

Simple tips to prevent constipation. 

Constipation is defecating less often than usual. And it may result in difficulty defecating as well. In general, constipation is considered when there is no bowel movement for more than 3 days. But some people may experience other disease as well and vary from person to

Causes of high cholesterol.

It can occur from many factors. Whether it is lifestyle behavior food eaten or even various serious diseases that directly affect cholesterol levels. These factors include: Lifestyle habits. Having the wrong lifestyle habits can cause high cholesterol. The behaviors that cause levels to rise are: There are other factors that

A popular benefit of spinach.

A popular benefit of spinach is that it is believed to reduce cholesterol levels. As plants in the spinach family contain compounds like Tocotrienols and Squalene. That are likely to affect the mechanism of cholesterol production in the body. As a result, some research has conducted using animals. It