Xavi explains Alba case.

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Xavi Hernandez has confirmed Jordi Alba’s commitment and professionalism. Despite the 33-year-old left-back dissatisfied with how Barcelona‘s players are treated.

Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez has addressed the case of Jordi Alba, the 33-year-old left-back, in an interview with the media, expressing his displeasure with the club for secretly contacting Inter Milan to sell the club. Russuri without informing him or his agent. As reported by Mundo Deportivo on Friday. 

Alba, who moved from Valencia to Barcelona since 2012, has been a mainstay in Azulgrana’s defense for the past 10 years. With the club reportedly trying to release the back. The 33-year-old joined Inter Milan before the summer transfer window closed, leaving him displeased with the club’s practices UFABET

‘We understand Alba’s statement, but he’s a hard worker and it’s not a problem for me. Everyone has their own personal statement and opinion. Most importantly, he trained professionally. And he’s one of the leaders.’

The 42-year-old coach also referred to Alba’s situation with little chance of playing lately. ‘I’m clear with all the players. and try to be honest I spoke with Alba and I like to talk to the players to see how they feel.’

‘This is a competition that exists in Barcelona and every player has to prove their worth in playing.’

Asked if Alba was unhappy with the club’s attempts to sell him to Inter before the summer transfer window closes, Xavi said: ‘I don’t know, the main thing is that Alba is our player. He is committed and one of the leaders of the team.’