Simeone avoids answering Griezmann issue.

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Diego Simeone has avoided addressing Antoine Griezmann ahead of Saturday’s clash with Celta Vigo. Atletico Madrid coach Diego Simeone has avoided addressing Antoine Griezmann. After Barcelona threatened legal action against Atletico over payments €40 million with a forced buy option. If the French forward plays at least 50 per cent. According to Marca on Friday. 

Atletico Madrid are scheduled to host Civitas Metropolitano against Celta Vigo on Saturday. UFABET Before the troops visit Leverkusen In the Champions League group stage on Tuesday 13 September. 

When asked if he was worried Griezmann would be disappointed by the club’s stance on their stance on signing a permanent contract based on an option made at Azul Grana. The Argentinian coach avoided another point: ‘I think Celta are doing a very good job. That’s what really worries us.’

‘They’re doing a very good job. highly competitive. They play very well. with a coach who has a very clear idea’

Simeone was also asked again. If the decision was made to use Griezmann for just 30 minutes or less in each game. The Argentine trainer replied: ‘I am very clear each day. I have explain the same thing many times. and I will not repeat myself.’

The Argentine coach has also praised Mario Hermoso for turning things around for good after facing a difficult first year with Atletico.

‘He has already shown his quality. After his first season he didn’t play much in La Liga victory in his second season. He is very important Last year he had competition from Reynildo. But he is still doing very well.’

‘We need everyone because teams need the energy to deliver what they want people to see.’