Premier League teams donate food to charity after postponement.

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The 10 Premier League teams scheduled to host this weekend Prepare to donate prepare food and ingredients to charity. After the football match was postponed.

Premier League 10 matches this weekend has postpone the competition After the death of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom on Thursday, September 8

The Daily Mail reports that the 10 host clubs this weekend Prepare to deliver food. And raw materials Especially the fresh stuff prepared for the fan service on match days. Go to a local charity instead. After the competition has to be postponed UFABET

The 10 home teams this weekend are Fulham, Bournemouth, Liverpool, Southampton, Manchester City, Arsenal, Leeds United, Leicester City., West Ham and Crystal Palace

In addition, “Blue Sailing” will also pay the same wages for part-time employees who prepare to work on race day. Even the latest will not have to travel after the competition has been postponed.

Manchester City has donated short-lived and expired food to a number of organizations in the Manchester area. The Premier League champions will also pay regular wages to full-time employees on duty during the weekend of matches between the men’s team v Spurs and the women’s team v Arsenal. Kademi Stadium