Poker 3 cards betting format according to international principles

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How to Play Poker 3 cards There are not many betting options. The main ones are Ante, Pair or better, Play and 3+3 bonus, each with different payouts. It depends on the order of your cards. Which the details below will let you know when to bet and what kind. If you get special cards and when should you play normally?

You will need to begin to understand the card sequence and counting of points before playing UFABET 

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  • ANTE: This is a slot where Poker 3 cards are placed in the beginning. This is a requirement that players start from Ante every time they play.
  • Play: This is the slot that if the player wants to continue fighting. After 3 cards are dealt in your hand. An additional chip 1 time of your bet is required.
  • Pair or Better: bets in the event that the players 3 cards games get a special card. and have a high chance of winning Additional bets can be placed in the Pair or Better slots. The payout rate is also higher.
  • 3+3 Bonus: Known simply as a 6 card bonus. It is a combination of the Player and Banker’s cards, 3 on each side receive a lot of prize money accordingly.