Nagelsmann hopes Coman isn’t serious.

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Kingsley Coman has suffered a hamstring injury in training on Friday. But Nagelsmann the Tigers boss expects the French football winger to not suffer serious injuries.

Bayern Munich coach Julian Nagelsmann has revealed that. Kingsley Coman suffered a hamstring injury in the back of his right leg in training on Friday. The Tigers boss expects the French winger’s injury to be mild, according to ‘Sport1’. UFABET

Bayern Munich’s form falters in Bundesliga play by only sharing points with Moenchengladbach and Union Berlin. But the Underdogs made the move with a 2-0 win over Inter Milan in their opening Champions League group stage. On Wednesday, before Nagelsmann received the bad news after the latest training meal.

‘Kingsley Coman injured in training It doesn’t look good I hope it’s just a strain,’ Nagelsmann said of the 26-year-old winger. 

Bayern Munich have a home program against Stuttgart on Saturday. before welcoming Barcelona’s visit to the Champions League on Tuesday That culminates in a visit to Augsburg next week before the international break. 

His style of play is fast and competent. Talented with a variety of playing techniques In an offensive game that is ready to attack the opponent fiercely every time he enters the field.