Dry blood, Alzheimer’s disease, the dangers of not drinking enough water 

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In the past, we often heard that we should drink 8-9 glasses of water for good health. Then admin just found out that Insufficient water intake is very dangerous to health. to the point of decreasing memory Visibility is ever worse. Let’s see why drinking less has such a big effect. 

low water intake directly affect blood circulation If the body receives insufficient water to meet the needs, it will make the blood viscous and thicken the blood supply to various organs and systems. of the body is not enough Let’s see that. What are the negative effects on various organs from not drinking enough water? 

the brain if it receives insufficient blood supply May cause memory loss 

Eyes cause congestion in the eyes. loss of vision

heart thrombosis 

Kidneys excrete less toxins, uric acid, calcium residues forming stones. 

Digestive system, constipation, intestinal contractions less 

Drinking less has these negative effects on the body. It also results in various chronic diseases.


As I said, one of the disadvantages is causing problems with the excretory system and will spread until hemorrhoids anyway Because the waste that will be excreted is too hard and dry, which is the cause of hemorrhoids.

Joint pain and intervertebral discs 

because between these verses and intervertebral discs have up to 80% water, when drinking less, it makes the joints and dry intervertebral discs will cause injury or pain in the joints 

Irregular menstruation 

For women, it is also affected if they drink less water. Because it makes menstruation irregular. thrombosis Including causing a lot of menstrual pain

How much water should I drink?

Now many are probably wondering that. How Much Should You Drink? As we all know, about 8 glasses per day, or about 2 liters, and 15 minutes before eating, should not drink more than half a glass of water. because it will make gastric juice work less 

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