Causes of high cholesterol.

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It can occur from many factors. Whether it is lifestyle behavior food eaten or even various serious diseases that directly affect cholesterol levels. These factors include:

Lifestyle habits.

Having the wrong lifestyle habits can cause high cholesterol. The behaviors that cause levels to rise are:

  • Eating foods high in cholesterol Directly affects levels Whether it’s offal or eggs. They all have high levels of bad.
  • Exercise or move your body a little. Reduced physical activity increases LDL levels, causing high levels.
  • Obesity causes health risks. And makes bad cholesterol levels more likely. and triglycerides will increase Including reducing the level of good as well.
  • drinking too much alcohol In addition to damaging the liver. Heavy alcohol use can also affect and triglyceride levels UFABET
  • Smoking: Chemicals from cigarettes are important factors that interfere with good cholesterol. This causes excess to be unable to be transported to the liver. This causes the arteries to narrow due to the accumulation in the arterial walls and eventually becomes atherosclerosis.

There are other factors that contribute to high. And increases the risk of cardiovascular disease as risk factors that cannot be changed, including:

  • Family history of coronary heart disease or stroke People with a family history of this condition. It will make you more at risk than normal people.
  • Age : The older you get. The risk is even greater.
  • Gender : High cholesterol occurs more often in men than in women.