The whites the eyes are yellow. What causes it?

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The whites the eyes are yellow. What causes it?

Has anyone ever noticed the color of the whites of their own eyes? whether it is still white as before or starting to change Is it yellow?

The whites of the eyes are yellow, indicating that something is wrong with the body. That means you may be dealing with some type of disease. So keep an eye on the color of your own eyes. If it starts to turn yellow, you should see a medical professional immediately for a diagnosis. and receive treatment immediately. Report from สมัคร ufabet

What are the symptoms of yellow eyes?

Yellow eye is a condition in which the eyes, especially the whites of the eyes, turn noticeably yellow, called jaundice. It is usually caused by too much of a chemical called belirubin in the bloodstream. which is a side effect of abnormal liver function Most often this happens to elderly people. And liver problems, hepatitis, cirrhosis cause abnormal liver function. Therefore causing jaundice. 

Causes of yellow eyes that are not caused by liver problems

Currently, there is still a problem that causes the whites of the eyes to not be naturally white. But it’s not abnormally yellow like people with jaundice. This may come from the problem of using your eyes in front of the screen too much. or pollution such as

Eye health problems or eye disease 

  • Dry eyes, eye pain, diabetic retinopathy, eye allergies that may cause yellow eyes
  • Using your eyes in front of the computer screen or too many phone calls Harm from blue light
  • Lack of vitamin A or nutrients that are beneficial to the eyes.
  • Wearing contact lenses This causes the eyes to accumulate chronic dry eye problems. From blocking the oxygen that goes into nourishing the eyes.

Problems from daily life

  • Prolonged drinking of alcohol Increased risk of alcoholic hepatitis Causing the liver to function abnormally
  • Smoking and cigarette smoke One of the factors that destroy eye cells.
  • Dust, smoke and pollution
  • Sunshine and strong wind
  • Dehydration and not drinking enough water

Problems from taking certain medicines

  • Taking certain medicines such as penicillin, birth control pills, and medicines that contain steroids.

How to care for your eyes

  • Using artificial tears when you have dry eyes or slightly stinging eyes
  • Drink enough water for 1 day.
  • Eating foods that are beneficial to the eyes, such as carrots, broccoli, pumpkin, and egg yolks.
  • Take vitamins to nourish eyesight.
  • Choose quality contact lenses. and take care of it properly
  • Get enough rest. Appropriate according to age
  • You should not drink alcohol. and reduce smoking