5 symptoms that indicate you block earwax

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5 symptoms that indicate you block earwax.

Ear wax blockage can happen to anyone. Especially people who like to pick their ears or stick things in their ears. These behaviors may cause earwax blockage more easily. And if anyone has tinnitus often, it feels like there’s something blocking their ears. Try checking these symptoms. You may be at risk of earwax blockage. Report from ยูฟ่าเบท

How does earwax blockage occur?

It occurs when earwax accumulates in the ear canal. Or the body’s ability to expel earwax on its own has decreased. Those who have a lot of earwax will not have earwax blockage immediately. But cleaning often results in the earwax being blocked, such as using colored sticks and hair clips to pick out earwax. Using these objects can push the earwax deeper in and cause a blockage. In addition, people who often use headphones or earplugs often It can cause a lot of earwax to build up. This makes the earwax unable to come out normally and eventually causes a blockage.

Causes of earwax blockage

  • Try cleaning your ear with a cotton swab or other object. 
  • Use a hearing aid or earplugs.
  • There is a lot of hair in the ears.
  • Ear holes are abnormal.
  • The body produces too much earwax.

Earwax blockage has the following symptoms:

  • Ear pain
  • Tinnitus
  • Itching in the ear
  • hear ringing in the ears
  • have hearing problems
  • Fluid or odor coming from the ear
  • dizziness

If the symptoms are severe and cause severe ear pain along with pus flowing from the ear You should see a doctor immediately.

Treating earwax blockage

Treating a blocked earwax requires a doctor to remove the blocked earwax. Using special tools such as Tweezing it out with a tool, using a tool to pick out earwax, sucking it out with a suction machine If it cannot be removed by the basic method The doctor will prescribe earwax dissolving medicine or drops to soften the earwax and then make another appointment for the patient.

How to prevent

  1. Avoid poking cotton swabs into the ear canal. including other forms of ear picks That may push the earwax deeper in and also stimulate the earwax-producing glands to produce more.
  2. You can use earwax dissolving medicine regularly. To clean out earwax You may drop earwax-dissolving medicine once a week. Or if there is no problem with ear congestion or tinnitus, earwax dissolving medicine may be applied once a month. It will help reduce the risk of earwax blockage.